Looking for Rope, Cargo Nets, Rope Ladders, Rigging Gear, Cordage, Slings, Wire or Nets? Ascot Splicing and Supplies can deliver all your needs.

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Rigging Gear

Safety Equipment

Abseiling Rope
Manila Rope
Sisal Rope
Aquatec Rope
Superfilm Rope
Silver Rope
Polyester Rope
Nylon Rope
Marine Rope & Braid
Climbing Rope
Battle Ropes

Shackles - tested, commercial
Rigging Screws
Chain Block
Girder Clamps
Chain Test
Chain Galvanised

Fall Arresters
Shock Absorbers
Safety Lines
Omni Link


Tie Down Equipment

Rope Splicing


25-50 Ratchet Buckle Assy.
Cam Buckle Straps
O/Centre Buckle Straps

Synthetic and natural fibre ropes
cut and spliced to order.

Synthetic Braids
Sash Cord
Shock Cord
Motor Starter Cord
Cable Hauling Cord
Cotton Industry Cords




Webbing Slings
Round Sling-Black
Batten Straps

Wire Rope Straps
Made to Order

Cargo Nets
Rope Ladders
Wire Rope Ladders
Made to Order