Abseiling & Safety Static Rope

We supply Static Safety Line which is the culmination of an extensive development programme designed to deliver the most responsive, reliable range of static descent braids available.  The lines we supply are characterised as supple for handling, coiling and giving superior feel and control when used with certified hardware in any abseil, belay or static descent application. 

Donaghy's Response® and Response XT® from static braid construction is the evolution in design which reflects the experience and expertise of renowned users, leading hardware manufacturers and distributors with the skill and technical excellence of their manufacturing team.

  Response® Static Safety Lines                                                                                           
Static Line

Response® and Response XT® static braids are certified to Australian and International standards, ensuring peace of mind in any appropriate industrial, rescue or recreational sporting application. 

The braids feature a kernmantle, parallel core with plaited protective jacket construction.  Some braids feature high visibility technology with distinctive colour and fleck options for easy recognition of size or exclusive pattern allocation by client.

  • AS4142.3 & EN1891 compliant
  • Response XT® has an added heat setting, pre-shrink process
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on every spool
  • Available in 6mm to 16mm diameter in various colour options

  Abseiling Braids                                                                                                                   

Abseiling BraidDonaghys polyester static abseiling braids are a double braid and firm in construction.  Polyester is a tough, abrasion resistant fibre with less stretch and shrink characteristics than Nylon.

  • Available in natural with coloured fleck
  • Available in 10mm and 12mm diameter


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