Cargo Nets

At Ascot Splicing we offer a world class range of Cargo Nets,  manufactured to your requirements where the end results are of the highest quality.

    Cargo Net    Cargo Net     Cargo Net    Cargo Net   Cargo Net

With over 25 years of experience within the rope and rigging industry, Ascot Splicing produces Cargo Nets made to last.

For construction of our nets we use mainly all synthetic types of ropes including,  polypropylene, silver, polyester and nylon. We also manufacture out of natural fibre ropes being manila and sisal with the sizes varying from 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm.cargo nets

Square sizes or mesh sizes range from 250mm and 300mm which enables people of all ages to use them effectively.

We provide cargo nets to many diverse industry sectors including,
- the defence force
- outdoor adventure education (see picture to the right)
- shipping industry

The military has also been using cargo nets for decades in their training exercises. Because of the different applications of nets, they are used for climbing, traversing over open spans, lifting, climbing and many other uses.

Ascot Splicing produced a number of 15m cargo nets that were used in the recently released TV war mini-series, The Pacific

Made to order, Cargo nets are very durable and hard wearing and will last for many years.


School Cargo Net



Assault Course   Assault Course

True GritWe are proud to be the preferred supplier of True Grit, the first military style obstacle course designed by Australian Special Forces. Their obstacle courses have been designed to test each particpants mental resolve and stamina, with an emphasis on tackling obstacles, not running a marathon. Their courses are designed over 10-12km with over 30 obstacles per event.



Cargo Net

Challenge Course Cargo Net

Cargo Net

Cargo Net

Cargo Net


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