At Ascot Splicing we offer a world class range of braids for everyday applications,  manufactured in from exclusive supply partnerships where products are of the highest quality.

  Synthetic Braids                                                                                                        
Synthetic BraidsOur range of synthetic braids are strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant. They are suited to a wide variety of general purpose applications.

Applications used: blind draw cords (venetians) and light tarpaulins

Main Features: Smooth feel 16 plait polyester braid, hard wearing HT polyester fibre in supple plait construction, high strength and abrasion resistant, light weight braid with UV inhibitor.

Available in 1mm to 5mm diameter in Solid White in 100 & 300m spools
Available in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm x 500m in Solid Black

  Sash Cord                                                                                                                    

Sash CordThis general purpose braid is of Solid Braid/Spiral Braid configuration which gives excellent handling, knotting and non kink performance.  Sash Cords are available in Cotton, Multifilament Polypropylene & Polyester fibre constructions.

Applications used: general purpose such as window sash cord

Main Features: High Tenacity Polyester solid braid, multipurpose line/ lashing, UV resistant, suitable for outboard motor starter cords

White in colour
Available in 3.6mm, 4.2mm and 6mm diameter in 100m spools

  Shock Cord                                                                                                              

Shock CordOur Shock Cord is built to withstand the toughest environments.  Years of development have produced a quality engineered durable Shock Cord that will consistently allow better than 100% elongation and recovery.

Applications used: marine and general industrial applications.

Main Features:
Long life wear resistance to abrasion and UV degradation.

Available in 3mm to 7mm in 100m spools, 8mm to 10mm in 50m spools
Available in White with Blue fleck or Solid Black

  Motor Starter Cord                                                                                                      

Motor Starter CordManufactured from 100% high tenacity Polyester yarn for high strength, excellent abrasion resistance and durability.  Starter cords are tightly plaited to give a slightly stiff feel to optimise performance in all leading brand combustion engine starter mechanisms.

Applications used: all leading equipment starter mechanisms

Main Features: High abrasion resistance and strength, UV treated and stiff construction.

Available in 3.5mm,4mm,4.5mm & 5mm

  Cable Hauling Cord                                                                                                          

Cable Hauling CordThese braids are built to the consumers specifications of strength, Safe Work Load, abrasion resistance and purpose for use. May be single braid with urethane core or braid on braid from any combination of fibres including; Dyneema the worlds strongest fibre, Spectra, Polyester, Nylon, Etc.  We can make endless to specialist long lengths and supply with or without spliced eyes. Please contact us to determine your best construction solution.


  Cotton Industry Cords                                                                                                    

Cotton Industry CordsEither knitted, plaited or 3 strand cotton cords of approx 4.5mm diameter to either 300, 630 or 845m spool lengths. Manufactured from 100% pure high grade cotton for maximum strength and strength retention in exposed cotton module tarp use.



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