Vectran Braids

Designed to withstand the rugged demands of the loadings of blocks and winches, Vectran® is a Thermotropic Liquid Chrystal fiber with the finest technical characteristics to incorporate into any high performance braid.  Vectran combines all the benefits of Spectra® with the advantage of Kevlar® to produce a rope that will not stretch or creep under the extremes of continuous long term loads.  Vectran® can be used in core, jacket or be blended with other fibres to enhance heat dissipation.

  Challenge Braid                                                                                                              

Challenge BraidChallenge Braid was developed on America ’s Cup and Whitbread yachts before being released into the general leisure marine market.  Consisting of a 100% Vectran® 12 strand core (8mm+) with distinctive polyester jackets, Challenge Braid is ideal for applications such as Genoa Halyards.

Features/ Benefits: Very high strength, minimal stretch, negligible creep, cover can be removed for special applications, 8mm+ easily spliced. Available in 100m spools. Custom colour options and Bulk Rigger spools available on request

  Vectran® Wear Sleeve                                                                                                     

Vectran Wear SleeveVectran® Wear Sleeve is a 100% Vectran® loose weave wear sleeve for particularly high abrasion applications to extend the life of high performance racing braids.

Features/ Benefits: Vectran® replacement for standard polyester jacket in high temperature / high abrasion applications, can be urethane coated.

12mm & 14mm diameters




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